How does PAR magnetic vehicle detector work?

How does PAR magnetic vehicle detector work?

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In this blog post, I will explain how a PAR Magnetic Loop Detector works in a base station for a quick service restaurants drive-thru system. A PAR Magnetic Loop Detector is a device that detects the presence of vehicles in a drive-thru lane by measuring changes in magnetic field caused by metal objects. The detector consists of two main components: a loop wire and an electronic board.


The loop wire is buried under the pavement of the drive-thru lane and forms a closed circuit with the electronic board. The electronic board generates an alternating current that flows through the loop wire and creates a magnetic field around it. When a vehicle passes over or stops on the loop wire, it disturbs the magnetic field and changes its inductance. The electronic board senses this change and sends a signal to the base station.

The base station is the central unit of the drive-thru system that connects to other components such as headsets, speakers, timers and order confirmation screens. The base station receives the signal from the PAR Magnetic Loop Detector and triggers different actions depending on its configuration. For example, it can alert an employee that a new customer has arrived, start or stop a timer for service speed measurement, display an order confirmation screen for accuracy verification or play a pre-recorded greeting message.

A PAR Magnetic Loop Detector is compatible with 3M G5 and XT-1 Drive-Thru Systems  . It is easy to install and maintain as it does not require any external power supply or adjustment. It can also work with different types of vehicles such as cars, trucks or motorcycles. A PAR Magnetic Loop Detector can improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency by reducing wait times, errors and confusion in drive-thru lanes.


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