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APEX Single Lane 8 Headset Drive-Thru System

APEX Single Lane 8 Headset Drive-Thru System

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If you are looking for a reliable and high-quality drive-thru system for your restaurant, you might want to consider the APEX Single Lane 8 Headset Drive-Thru System. This system is designed to provide clear and accurate communication between your staff and your customers, resulting in faster service and higher satisfaction.

The APEX Single Lane 8 Headset Drive-Thru System includes:

- One base station that can be mounted anywhere and supports both single and dual lane operations. The base station has a small footprint (10 1/4" x 3" x 6 1/4") and features an expanded dashboard view, a manager mode, an extended equalizer audio range, text-to-speech functionality, and seamless updates.

- Eight wireless headsets that are the lightest in the industry (only 3.4 oz with battery) and have a long-lasting durability. The headsets have a stainless steel headband, a battery life extender, a metal ratchet mic boom, a multi-function LED indicator, and tactile buttons that can be controlled centrally by the base station.

- One six-port battery charger that can charge up to six headset batteries simultaneously.

- Nine headset batteries that provide enough power for a full shift of operation.

- One microphone that captures your staff's voice clearly and reduces background noise.

- One speaker that delivers crisp and loud sound to your customers.

- One 200' spool of wire that connects the base station to the microphone and speaker.

- Two acoustic kits that include ear cushions and wind screens for optimal comfort and performance.

The APEX Single Lane 8 Headset Drive-Thru System is compatible with any APEX drive-thru system components. It is easy to install and use, and it offers superior sound quality and reliability. With this system, you can improve your drive-thru efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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