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Techknow Drive-Thru Timer Bundle

Techknow Drive-Thru Timer Bundle

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Are you looking for a reliable and affordable solution to manage your drive-thru operations? Look no further than the Techknow Wired Timer, a complete package that includes everything you need to optimize your service speed and customer satisfaction.

The Techknow Wired Timer is a 22" monitor that displays real-time data on your drive-thru performance, such as average service time, number of cars in line, and goal times. You can easily mount the monitor on any wall using the Z Bracket Mounting Board with Print, which also features a sleek design and your logo. The monitor connects to the Power Supply Mounting Bracket, which houses the timer controller and provides power to the monitor and the Tripp Lite Surge Protector Strip. The surge protector strip protects your equipment from power surges and offers seven outlets for additional devices.

The Techknow Wired Timer also comes with two subscriptions that enhance your drive-thru management: Techknow TOPS and Techknow Webstats. Techknow TOPS is a cloud-based software that allows you to access your timer data from any device, anywhere. You can view historical reports, compare performance across locations, set goals and alerts, and more. Techknow Webstats is a web-based dashboard that shows you live data on your drive-thru activity, such as car count, speed of service, order accuracy, and customer feedback. You can also customize your dashboard with widgets and graphs that suit your needs.

With the Techknow Wired Timer, you can improve your drive-thru efficiency and profitability while delivering an exceptional customer experience. Order yours today and see why thousands of restaurants trust Techknow for their drive-thru solutions.

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